Very often, we find cases where quality is sacrificed to provide low prices. Or the case can be vice versa. In order to provide high quality, often the price is increased to account for increased expenses. At Holiday Designs, however, we feel many of you notice we are able to provide high quality at an affordable price. This may leave you asking, how exactly do we do this?

Holiday Designs manufactures all its products right here in the United States at our manufacturing plant in Gainesville, Georgia. Manufacturing our own products here in the United States allows us to benefit from the highly qualified workforce our country has to offer. In addition, we are able to administer quality control first hand, thus ensuring a quality product is shipped to our customers.

This brings us to our second point. We ship directly to all of our customers. This means we cut out the middleman, which in turn reduces costs as we do not have to pay a middleman to distribute our products. We manage the entire distribution process ourselves. The price you see is OUR price, not an inflated price required to cover the costs of using a middleman.

Manufacturing our products here in America helps us insure quality, while maintaining our own distribution process allows us to keep our prices low. This gives us an edge over many of our competitors who have to use middlemen to distribute their products, and have to sacrifice quality by using suppliers who are located overseas, all in order to cut their costs. Through our involvement at all stages of the process, manufacturing through distribution, and even through sales, this allows us to maintain the high quality and the high level of customer service you, our base, have come to expect.

Are you impressed by our process and interested in using us for your custom Christmas decorations? Then please take a look at our website to find out more about what we have to offer. You can submit to us drawings for custom Christmas decorations and we will have a quote to you soon after your submission. Furthermore, you can buy string lights and bulbs from our easy to use website using your PayPal account. If you see what you are looking for, give us a call at our corporate office in Gainesville, Georgia and we will be excited to meet the needs of your municipality, development, or hospital!