Could any outdoor Christmas decoration be more impressive than a 14′ to 34′ tall lighted Christmas Tree? Check out our complete line of Natural Branch Garland Christmas trees with their impressive 4′ to 6′ stars on top. Panel trees can be added on to in 4’increments, up to 34′. All lighted decorations are priced with LED bulbs.

SKU Product LED
HDPT-17 14′ Natural Branch Garland Tree – 7′ Base – price INCLUDES 3ft 3D Star $6,995.00
HDPT-22 18′ Natural Branch Garland Tree – 9′ Base – price INCLUDES 4ft 3D Star $11,855.00
HDPT-26 22′ Natural Branch Garland Tree – 11′ Base – price INCLUDES 4ft 3D Star $17,595.00
HDPT-30  26′ Natural Branch Garland Tree –  13′ Base – price INCLUDES 4ft 3D Star $23,955.00
HDPT-34 30′ Natural Branch Garland Tree – 15′ Base – price INCLUDES 4ft 3D Star $31,995.00
HDPT-40 34′ Natural Branch Garland Tree – 17′ Base – price INCLUDES 6ft 3D Star $46,295.00

Our commercial panel Christmas trees illustrated on our website are ready to install.

All frames of our outdoor Christmas trees are welded with high tensile strength steel, painted with baked on powder coat finish for years of durability, rigidity and rust protection. All materials in our Christmas trees have U.L. approval. Six foot lead in wire with male plug furnished on all prefabricated designs. See prices below for additional information on our commercial Outdoor Christmas Decorations.