Commercial Christmas Trees

Whether your budget allows for a 40ft+ tree or you need to start with a 17ft tree and build up each year, our Christmas trees are designed to grow with you. All of our outdoor/indoor Christmas trees are welded with high tensile strength steel, painted with baked on powder coat finish for years of durability, rigidity and rust protection. Click here to request a quote.

Christmas Panel trees

3D Snowflake Tree

Ice Lite Trees

Self Standing Trees

Accent Fir Tree

Tree with Elves

At Holiday Designs, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of commercial Christmas trees, each designed to meet specific aesthetic and functional needs. Whether you’re looking for a striking centerpiece or a unique thematic accent, our selection ensures the perfect fit for any setting. Explore our variety of tree types below to find your ideal holiday solution.

Christmas Panel Trees

Christmas panel trees are a contemporary twist on traditional holiday decor, designed for versatility and visual impact. These trees are constructed from various flat panels arranged in a conical shape, allowing them to fit into spaces where a full 3D tree might not. Ideal for commercial spaces like malls or large reception areas, the panel design also offers unique lighting opportunities. The panels can be illuminated from behind or the sides to create a captivating glow that draws attention even from afar. Moreover, panel trees can be customized in various sizes and colors to match any theme or branding requirements, making them a popular choice for businesses looking to make a festive statement.

3D Snowflake Trees

3D Snowflake Trees bring the magic of a snowy winter indoors, regardless of the climate. These trees are designed with intricate snowflake patterns and layers that stack to form a three-dimensional silhouette. They are often pre-lit and can include LED lights that enhance their intricate snowflake designs, making them sparkle like freshly fallen snow. The 3D Snowflake Trees are perfect for creating a winter wonderland theme and are commonly placed in hotel lobbies, shopping centers, and areas where a touch of winter’s elegance is desired. Their unique design and bright illumination ensure they remain a focal point of any holiday decor scheme.

Ice Lite Trees

Ice Lite Trees mimic the enchanting appearance of trees laden with ice and snow. These trees are typically outfitted with clear, shimmering lights that give the illusion of ice crystals sparkling in the light. They come in various forms, from more traditional green trees with white lights to fully flocked versions that look completely covered in snow. Ice Lite Trees are particularly popular for creating a ‘White Christmas’ theme and are often used in outdoor displays due to their bright, visible lighting and high impact. They are ideal for businesses looking to add a dramatic and bright centerpiece to their holiday decorations.

Self-Standing Trees

Self-standing trees are designed for ease of installation and versatility in placement. Unlike traditional Christmas trees that may require supports or additional setup, these trees are engineered to stand on their own, often coming with an integrated base that ensures stability. They are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, catering to both indoor and outdoor settings. Self-standing trees are particularly useful for quick decor solutions in corporate environments, public spaces, or at events where time and convenience are of the essence. Their mobility and sturdiness make them a reliable choice for many commercial settings.

Accent Fir Trees

Accent Fir Trees offer a more refined and realistic option for those seeking traditional aesthetics with a modern twist. These trees are usually made with high-quality materials that mimic the look and feel of real fir trees. Accent Fir Trees can be found in a variety of sizes and can be either lit or unlit, depending on the customer’s preference. They are particularly suited for elegant settings, such as luxury hotels or corporate headquarters, where a touch of classic Christmas elegance is desired. These trees can be beautifully decorated with ornaments, ribbons, and lights to enhance their natural beauty.

Trees with Elves

Trees with Elves are a whimsical addition to any holiday display, featuring playful elves integrated into the branches of the tree. These trees often include various poses of elves, either climbing, hanging, or peeking through the foliage, adding a storybook charm to the decor. They are particularly popular in retail settings or places where children frequent, as they add a fun and interactive element to holiday shopping experiences. The elves can be styled to match the theme of the decor, from traditional red and green outfits to more elaborate costumes. Trees with Elves not only enhance the festive cheer but also invite engagement and delight from visitors of all ages.