SKU Product LED
HDCH-8 8′ Grd. Mt. Candle with Halo $1,069.00
HDCH-10 10′ Grd. Mt. Candle with Halo $1,363.00
HDCH-12 12′ Grd. Mt. Candle with Halo $1,673.00
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HDCCL-8 8’ Candy Cane w/Lollipop $1,167.00
HDCCL-10 10′ Candy Cane with Lollipop $1,695.00
SKU Product LED
HDSSBF-3 8’h x 20’w Santa Snoozing Beside Fireplace with Toy Bag $8,136.00
SKU Product LED
HDPSC Parachuting Santa Claus Scene $15,139.00

Welcome to “Your Town” Train

SKU Product LED
HDWELTR Welcome to “Your Town” Train Call
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HDTE 10’h x 10’w Engine $3,143.00
HDTCG 8’h x 6’w Coal Car with Gifts $1,857.00
HDTCT 9’h x 8’w Car with Tree $1,984.00
HDTCC 8’h x 8’w Car with Candy $2,330.00
HDTC 7’h x 7’w Caboose $1,842.00
SKU Product LED
HDDWT 16′ Depot Water Tower $6,995.00
HDTEDC 9′ Elf and Deer Car $2,477.00
HDTAWBC 8’h x 9’w Animated Waving Bear Car $2,615.00