Christmas has come early for Holiday Designs. We are excited to introduce you to our new website! As you browse our website, notice how our user interface is now easier to use than ever before. We at Holiday Designs are excited to make these changes to further enhance our high standards of customer service that we have strived to maintain for more than two decades.

As you surf through the pages of our website, you will notice improvement from the previous website in the way the information is presented. Through closely mimicking our popular catalog, and by categorizing each product into related subgroups, you will now be able to more easily find our products, which in turn makes it easier for us to meet your needs.

In addition to developing a more user friendly interface, we at Holiday Designs have also improved our online quote requesting through allowing you to submit to us your own designs. These designs can be submitted through five different formats: JPEG, PNG, PDF, TIF, and DWG. Through submitting your designs online, this removes additional steps, and makes the process of developing your custom Christmas decorations quicker, thus meaning a faster turnaround time.

Holiday Designs has always been about you, the customer. Now, you can tell us about where you heard about us, allowing us to better reach out to you and other customers such as you. Furthermore, we now can sign you up online for our newsletter and catalog, further increasing your capabilities on our website.

While we have made several changes, some things have not changed. As in the past, you can still purchase your light bulbs and and light strings on our website using PayPal. All of our products are still manufactured at our manufacturing plant in Gainesville, Georgia. You can also purchase directly from us, cutting out the middle man, and keeping our prices low. Holiday Designs is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and providing high quality customer service that keeps our customers coming back. We are excited to make these changes to our website so that you can more easily meet the holiday needs of your municipality, hospital, or commercial shopping center.