Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree…..today at Holiday designs, we are talking about one of the most iconic symbols of Christmas…the Christmas Tree. The Christmas Tree has been used for centuries to celebrate winter holidays, especially Christmas. Not much is really know about the first Christmas Trees, as the tradition appears to date back to before the arrival of Christianity to Northern Europe. During this time period, the tree helped these pagan societies celebrate various winter festivities.

Fast forward to the 1400s and the 1500s, the first usage of the Christmas Tree to celebrate Christmas is debated to have started in either Latvia or Estonia. The first documentation of the Christmas Tree in Germany is pictured in 1521 as it is being paraded through the streets with a man on horseback preceding it. Possibly portraying St. Nicholas. Martin Luther is said to have been the first person to have brought the tradition of the Christmas Tree into his home. The British would not see their first Christmas Tree until the 1830s, with America following shortly after. Artificial Christmas Trees started to become popular in the early 20th century and are still used a lot to this day.

The Christmas Tree has been a staple of celebrating the holiday season for centuries. That is why we at Holiday Designs are excited to come up with various new ways to view this time tested holiday tradition. Offering our customers panel trees, self-standing trees, and 3D snowflake and ice lite trees, our trees will “wow” their audiences with their beautiful, larger than life, appearance. As with most of our other displays, our trees are available in both LED and incandescent models. These lighted trees will be sure to captivate regardless of light type you choose.

Crafted right here in the USA at our manufacturing plant in Gainesville, Georgia, our products will be sure to captivate audiences for years to come. All of our Christmas Trees and other various displays are constructed with quality by our dedicated staff. Request a quote on the Christmas Tree of your choice. We at Holiday Designs would be honored to earn your business and help your family, friends, and community celebrate Christmas with a beautiful Christmas Tree display for years to come.