Christmas is a most joyous and sacred time of the year as families come together to celebrate a good time and exchange gifts and good will. Many choose to spend time with their families at a local church being reminded of the reason for the season as churches put on beautiful plays retelling the birth of Christ. These plays become an essential part of reliving the first Christmas. We at Holiday Designs have our own way of reliving the first Christmas through manufacturing nativity scenes depicting the event.

Keeping in touch with the reason for the Christmas season, Nativity scenes are one of the most requested decorations here at Holiday Designs are asked to manufacture. Available as a full set, or as individual pieces which can be used to fill in sets you may already have, our nativity sets are an excellent way to experience the first Christmas through light. Similar in the way the light of the north star led the wise men to Bethlehem that first Christmas night, the light display of our Nativity set will help retell the story of the first Christmas to younger generations for years to come.

These beautifully crafted sets are manufactured here in the United States at our manufacturing plant in Gainesville, Georgia. We take special care to manufacture quality nativity sets through using our skilled workforce. In addition, we will ship directly to your location, making sure our prices are kept lower, and our customer service is of highest quality. If you would like more information on our nativity sets, or our vast array of other Christmas decorations, request a quote with us on our website. If you are looking for a more custom made piece, you can also submit your own designs through our website. Lets all be sure to remember the reason for the season this year and for years to come!