“Its the most wonderful time of the year…”

This song I’m sure rings through your ears every time we enter the holiday season. It is indeed a wonderful time worth celebrating. From enjoying the time we spend with family, to the fun of giving and receiving gifts, perhaps nothing beats the joy we receive from seeing the warm smile and anticipation on a child’s face as Christmas Eve slowly fades into Christmas Day. There is little doubt that these feelings of great joy are often heralded in through the joy obtained from seeing the beautiful Christmas decorations that go up all around us. This is why we at Holiday Designs take our job very seriously. We are fortunate enough to take part in this beautiful holiday season through manufacturing commercial Christmas decorations.

Many of the decorations you see across towns, shopping centers, and hospitals all across the South are produced with loving care right here in the United States at our manufacturing plant in Gainesville, Georgia. From nativity scenes, to string lights, to animated displays, to bows, and garland, we do it all! When you drive into your town this Christmas season and see the beautiful light displays on lamp posts, we may have very well been the company who manufactured those pieces. We are honored to help set the Christmas spirit through manufacturing the commercial Christmas decorations so many of you have come to love.

Not only do we build the previously mentioned Christmas decorations, but by visiting our website, you can also submit your own designs for us to manufacture your own custom Christmas decoration piece or pieces. Furthermore, you can also go on our website and easily request a quote at any time and one of our representatives will be back with you shortly. Whether you are representing a city, county, or state government, or own a shopping center, or decorate your local hospital or church, see why Holiday Designs should be your number one choice in purchasing commercial Christmas decorations!